Naked Paleo

Beetroot + Cacao Mylk Infusion

Brand : Naked Paleo Mylk Infusion

Company : Naked Paleo

Category : Beverages, Health

Price : $ 22.95

  • Tastes like hot chocolate with added health benefits of beet
  • Packed with antioxidants that can lower blood glucose levels
  • Can help improve O2 up take in the body

Our Beetroot + Cacao Mylk Infusion is jam-packed with hard-hitting antioxidants which can help lower blood glucose levels and improve oxygenation to the body and brain, especially during exercise. Flavanols in the cacao enhance these health benefits even more as well as increasing your happy hormones so it feels like a big hug in a mug. Zero caffeine or added sugar, gluten, dairy and preservative free and 100% vegan friendly so it is suited to a wide range of lifestyle choices as well as everyday coffee drinkers looking for something a little different.

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